Tissue Adhesives


Re-VAP adhesives in plasticised polyvinyl acetate used to mould cores to be used cold. The glueing phase produces films with extremely wet tackiness and mechanical resistance after drying. They are made with different concentrations and viscosities to cover all production needs. Due to their water dispersible characteristics, they meet the requirements of reduced environmental impact in compliance with existing European Community regulations. The cores are resistant but elastic.

GUMASOL with a dextrin base from potato starch they are made in different types with different concentrations and chemical characteristics which are chosen according to the number of stripes on the core, the nature of the cardboard and the speed of the core winders and allow for the use of trimmings in the pulper. Heating the product produces increased performance and excellent rigidity of the cores.


PKP liquid adhesives made using water-soluble organic polymers used on rewinding machines to quickly attach paper to the cores, they have excellent wet tack and once dried allow for a soft release without tearing or staining the paper. Made in different types depending on the application systems and machine speeds.


ACCOVEL is a polyvinyl alcohol based (PVOH) adhesive in aqueous emulsion for laminating tissue paper. It has a good gripping speed and quickly produces a strong, flexible and well-localised bond with any application system, both for toilet paper and kitchen rolls or industrial rolls, making it possible to produce soft and voluminous rolls. It does not leave any insoluble residue and does not create any problems when cleaning the rollers nor to recycling the paper processing waste in the pulper. It has good dilution properties and it can glue from 2 to 5 plies at up to 800 m/min., FDA approved.

Tail sealing

LEMBOSTOP made using cellulose derivatives to close the last edge of toilet paper, kitchen rolls or industrial rolls. Concentrated or ready to use depending on the different needs of customers, gluers and types of paper they are specifically formulated for different application systems. Lembostop have a high and well localised wet tackiness and have excellent release after drying without tearing the plies.

Spiral paper tubes

GUMASOL dextrin-based adhesives also with mineral fillers for paper mill tubes, plastic materials, industrial rolls or tape rings. To be used hot.

VAP polyvinyl acetate in aqueous dispersion (PVA) adhesives also with mineral fillers for gluing the internal or external strip or the entire tube. To be used cold.

Sodium silicate 38-40° Bè used to mould in-line and spiral tubes, laminated cardboard or as a binder for cork.


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