Manufacturing industrial adhesives since 1962


S.I.S.A. S.r.l is a chemical industry founded in 1962 specialised in manufacturing and marketing industrial glues and adhesives to transform toilet paper (tissue) and mould cardboard cores, boxes and corner boards.

With more than fifty years’ experience and our strategic position in the Lucca paper district allows us to continue to produce increasingly innovative and high-performance products following the continuous technological evolution of machinery and customer needs.

Respect for the environment, flexible and customised production, timely deliveries and using vegetable raw materials are the values at the basis of the S.I.S.A. Corporate Mission Statement. We are a company operating in a plant of around two thousand square metres powered by next generation photovoltaic panels.

The after-sales service with highly qualified staff makes it possible to solve all production issues and to optimise product performance by assisting plant operators on production sites.


We are available for all requests